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The protection of the automatic dispatch

Our partners are enterprises of the coal industry, concentrating mills and mining and concentrating complexes. We are the company for the people working in these branches, and in all seriousness we concern the analysis of all process of their activity on purpose to find out how we can facilitate their heavy work. Joint-Stock Company "NGMZ-BUR" is already reliable partner of a considerable quantity of the enterprises working in the mining industry, but we aspire to expand a circle of our clients, and to establish with them strong long-term partner relations.

More than 60 years of operational experience speaks for itself – production with trade mark NGMZ has perfectly proved itself in the most difficult mining and geological conditions. The market geography of our production constantly extends. We successfully work not only with the ukrainian customers, but also co-operate with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the countries of Baltic, and also China, India and Vietnam.