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Degassing problem: Production of new equipment for mines.

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In the beginning of December of 2006 at Novogorlovsky engineering plant took place a meeting under the aegis of Ministry of coal industry about: «The Introduction of modern boring equipment. Perspective areas of development of the equipment for underground degassing of coal seams». We will remind that Ukraine takes the eighth place in the world on a methane reserves in coal mines. According to various estimations, coal seams contain from 8 to 22 bln. cubic meters of dangerous gas which more than once confirmed its lethality. It is very important for Donbass where the majority of the domestic coal enterprises are situated. They are out of acceptable range of dust and gas methane emissions.

  Gold for Kuzbass
2007 will become a year of tunneling. «Coal/mining 2006» Ukraine, Donetsk, 4-9 of September, 2006.