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Gold for Kuzbass

Печатная версия

Organizers of the forum: the exhibition company «Kuzbass fair» (Novokuznetsk), the company «Messe Düsseldorf GMBH (Germany). «Coal of Russia and Mining» is № 1 exhibition in the world on technologies of an underground coal mining. High achievements of a coal forum prove to be true by Signs on the largest exhibition communities: UFI — the World association of the exhibition industry and РСВЯ (RSVYA) — the Russian union of exhibitions and fairs. The fifth year an exhibition passes under patronage of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Organizers are active supported by the Ministry of the industry and energy of Russian Federation, Ministry of the industry and commerce of the Czech republic, the Union of German machine engineers of branch association «Mining machinery manufacturing» (Germany), Federal agency of energy of the Russian Federation, administration of the Kemerovskaya region and the city of Novokuznetsk, Association of British mining equipment companies (АВМЕС), Chamber of commerce and industry of Kuzbas.

As participants of the exhibition «Coal of Russia and Mining -2007» are registered 150 foreign and 450 russian exhibitors — establishments, holdings, the companies — large world manufacturers of the mining equipment from Austria, the Great Britain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc. For the first time companies from Australia and China have taken a part in an exhibition. They have arrived with the newest mining equipment.

Exposition settled down on the area of the Palace of sports of Kuznetsk metallurgists — 5 thousand sq.m., in two mobile pavilions of total area of 3 thousand sq.m., on the open area — 7 thousand sq.m.

Visitors have familiarized with the newest technologies and equipment for coal mining and mineral industries.

Within the limits of the scientifically-business program of the exhibition the international scientifically-practical conference, meetings, seminars, business excursions to the enterprises of Kuzbas, presentation of firms has taken place. They have been devoted to safety issues of miners work, increases of efficiency of the coal production, to new scientific programs and developments. For mass media in the exhibition program there was press conference of heads of coal branch of Russia and Kuzbas.

The exhibition stand of Closed Joint-Stock Company «NGMZ-BUR» settled down in mobile pavilion № 1. Its area made 12 sq.m., and was opened from two parties. As the visual aid, at the stand were presented small copies of mine rock-drilling machine UBSH 313А and tunneling loader MPB 1200. These exhibits attracted visitors? attention to the stand of the company. It allowed to acquaint clients with features of a construction and equipment operation.

Negotiations with the largest enterprises of the coal industry of Kuzbas are carried on: CJSC «COKE», JSC «Yuzhkuzbasugol», JSC «Prokop?evskugol», «Steiger», MC «Raspadskaya», CJsC «Shachta Yuzhnaya», Mine «Taylepskaya», JSC «Vorkutaugol», JSC «Yuzhnii Kuzbas», etc.

Traditional competition for the best exhibit following the results of which the winners were presented with the medals and diplomas «Kuzbass fair» is held. The competitive commission has highly appreciated Closed Joint-Stock Company «NGMZ-BUR» work. The company this year became the prize-winner in two nominations: «For developing and an introduction Mine loader MPK 1600» (the Diploma and a gold medal) and «Originality of design of the exhibition stand and production advertising. For small copies UBSH 313А and MPB 1200».

The international coal forum which is spent annually in Novokuznetsk the by «Kuzbass fair», promotes development of thermal power station, machine-building and metallurgical branch, scientific and industrial practice sphere. Exhibition actions are the major component in the course of re-structuring and modernization of mines and sections.

Degassing problem: Production of new equipment for mines.