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The protection of the automatic dispatch

The plant was formed on the base of the former experimental station “Podzemgas”. Thus on the outskirt of Gorlovka appeared a town of the mechanicians with its own production and scientific bases.

In five years, the new manufacture became famous due to drilling rig URB-2 production for the first time in the country. This drilling rig was selling as in domestic market as in foreign market (more than forty countries all over the world). Subsequently the plant was focused to produce different products for coal industry. At that time, the plant constantly increased production volume, upgraded its own products and modernized workshops with new equipment.

Perestroika and disintegration of the Soviet Union immediately affected plant’s life. Its business became worse. Plant managers experienced a difficulty trying to reorganize their work under new, unknown market conditions, when they by themselves had to release production, to investigate a market and to find partners. As a result, the plant practically stopped its activity. To the beginning of 1997, the staff had not been receiving their salary for six months. The debt to pension fund also was not paid.

Vyacheslav Pavlovich Bragin became a new director of our plant, in spite of all difficulties. 1997 was both a jubilee year in the history of the plant and turning point in lives of the workers.

Bragin had to change many things in the relations between workers, in their labor discipline, in the cooperation with the customers to renew manufacturing process and return authority of the plant. As the result of this reorganization there was formed a team of people which worked hard for success and prosperity of the plant. And above all, there was created a mobile and manageable staff in the plant, which now doesn’t allow themselvesany disruption of the work or orders failure. Because today machines and equipment that are being produced in our plant are famous in the foreign countries.

The plant’s achievements are the result of coordinated work of one big friendly team consisting of industrious, creative people that love their plant and striving to do everything for its prosperity.