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The protection of the automatic dispatch

In our new personnel policy we stake on youth. We hire well-educated young people, which sharing with us our production methods. Producing modern, called-for equipment we set our hopes on specialists with technical education. It is important for them to know mechanics, read drawings and be able to use modern informational technologies. For young specialists we have the newest equipped class with modern devices and also some benefits: paid fair, gift loans.

The plant managers attend to young workers, regarding them as plant's future. Developed program (it is named "The Youth is the future of the plant") successfully started in April of 2005 and keeps developing within the bounds of plant. It provides quite a number of arrangements aimed to develop socio-economic and spiritual interests of young workers. There was created Youth council at the plant, which hands on social life of the plant.

The program of youth participation in the plant production and increasing of technical knowledge is actively implemented. There is a group organized to learn foreign languages in the plant. The enterprise takes care not only about staff promotion, but about their health. It is assigned means to pay for different sports groups: swimming group, fitness, powerlifting.

When workers get married, the enterprise pays 3-days vacation. Besides, when in the worker’s family a child is given to birth, the plant additionally pays child benefit. Also young workers get advance free of interest.

The plant managers understand to implement all the plans it is necessary to work good, to increase production volume and social potential of the plant.