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The protection of the automatic dispatch

Novogorlovsky engineering plant started its activity in 1947, proved to be a manufacture of reliable, cheap and service equipment. To the beginning of 90-ties it was one of the leading mining engineering plants of the former Soviet Union. Nowadays NGMZ equipment is quit competitive in the world market.

In new economic situation our plant successively realize the program of upgrading of efficiency and operation safety of mine workers, saturation of coal industry with modern electro hydraulic shaft sinking equipment providing the sufficient capacity, unification of the units, ergonomic of its operation and exploitation.

For a long working time in the mining equipment market NGMZ products showed themselves for good advantage in the most difficult mining and geological conditions. This fact became precondition for its use both in the CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia) and in far abroad (India, China, Vietnam).

The plant takes part in the international specialized exhibitions. Production and innovation techniques are estimated at their true worth by specialists and obtained numerous Rewards and Certificates.

Modern equipment, progressive technologies, high qualified staff and cooperation with scientific institutes for the purpose of creating and application of the newest machines favour the plant’s products achievement of world quality level.

Novogorlovsky engineering plant is social company. Factory assures their workers of sanatorium-and-spa treatment and gives them full rest in the best sanatoria of the country.

Company mission:

To produce output, which is not just equipment for mining industry, but equipment produced for miners, aimed to make their hard labor easier and updated.